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Meet Bob and Susie Ballestrasse!

We both share a love and a passion for cooking and creating culinary delights for our friends and family.

As residents of Cabo San Lucas since 2002, we sensed a need for a quality lunch for locals and visitors who enjoy sport fishing. We decided to use our experience and talent to provide delicious meals for hungry fishermen.


Call us from Cabo:  624-219-1761

Email from anywhere: 


Cooked for Meals On Wheels of Sonoma for 13 years.


Cooked for the homeless in Kona, Hawaii for 4 years.


Owned a popular deli for 10 years in Sonoma, California.

Long family line of successful restraurateurs in San Francisco, California. 

TOGETHER we owned a restaurant in Glen Ellen, California. 

Orders must be placed by 5pm for the next morning.

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